We have 8 locations to server you better. Come into on of our showrooms to see an Arctic Spa or Apollo Spa in person to experience the difference quality makes.

Whether we’re delivering and setting up your beautiful new hot tub or helping your sick spa feel better, our hot tub service specialists will come out with their spa doctor’s bags in-hand and give your hot tub the right diagnoses, prescription and treatment! Factory trained and fully equipped, our technicians are prepared to service virtually any hot tub make and model, including yours. To ensure that our hot tub knowledge and procedures are always up-to-date, our technicians receive continuous training on hot tub service.

Portable Hot Tub Spas

Portable Hot Tub Spas

Ergonomically designed using therapeutic principles, each spa fits the contours of your body providing proper lumbar support and maximizing comfort while the jets melt away stress and muscle strain.

  • Submersion in warm water causes blood vessels to dilate, increasing blood flow to body tissues
  • Warm water jets stimulate your muscles while you relax
  • Water buoyancy takes pressure off stressed joints
  • Control joint inflammation and pain associated with Arthritis
  • Relieve headaches caused by muscular tension
  • Recover quickly from the stress and strain of exercise


Therapy air is a great way to offer a gentler massage by circulating air through the hot tub water. Most hot tubs and spas take cold air from outside of the spa, Arctic Spas draw warm air from the heat space under the spa to provide a warm and comfortable experience.

As an added feature, all Arctic Spas equipped with Therapy Air also come with a fully integrated aromatherapy system that introduces fragrance directly into the spa! The power of natural scent both refreshes and relaxes, complimenting a totally therapeutic soak.

Hot Tub Therapy Spa Factory Direct

Hot Tub Therapy Spa Factory Direct


Hot Tubs are a great way to bring the family together. Adults can socialize while kids enjoy the fun of the water, now you can get away from the distractions and stress of modern life and regularily get together with family and friends.

We are your source for local hot tub informtaion, tips, buying guides and more!  You can meet our Portable Spa representatives, learn what they have to offer, and hear their experiences servicing hot tub customers in your area.

These locals reps have vast experiencing servicing local hot tub customers.  They live, work and play in your area like the rest of us, and can help you decide which Spas hot tub is right for you.  Not only can they help you decide, but they also become knowledgeable friend who can help you with your every hot tub need.

Custom Portable spas dealer

Custom Portable spas dealer

The first question my grandkids ask is, Grampy can we use the spa? They especially love the bubbling system.”
– Ray Bell

“Family Tub Night means no phones, no computers, no distractions. It’s great fun to just sit back and watch the kids.”
– Denise Castrella

“It is also wonderfully gratifying for a parent to watch your children interact in a healthy, playful manner away from video games, TV and the computer.”
– John Billbe

“There were a couple of times when we needed help with our spa and just as promised, ThermoSpas sent someone right to our door to take care of the situation. The people at ThermoSpas are efficient and courteous. I’m sure they love their job, knowing they are doing something that makes people happy. The spa has a great warranty, is easy to maintain, and worth every hard earned penny! Everyone should have one.” – Mike Perkins

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