Aura 29 Jet Hot Tub 120 Volt Interior Plug and Play Operation with Hard Cover


Aura 29 Jet 120 Volt Interior Plug and Play Operation Hot Tub Hard Cover

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Aura hot tubs are the quick, fun, and easy way to maximum relaxation with minimum fuss. They’re plug-and-play, requiring no special wiring or plumbing and no special installation. The unit delivers on a pallet for ease of set up, and it also fits through standard doorways. Place it on your patio. Fill it with water. Plug it into a standard outdoor outlet. Put the cover on and let it heat overnight. Then relax in your warm, rejuvenating Aura hot tub and let the 29 jets massage you into relaxation.

The Aura 29-jet hot tub in taupe

The A529 offers a lounge and four seats, complete with headrests. It features 29 zone-controlled therapy jets, including two neck jets. A control panel for jets, lights, and heat ensure your highest level of comfort is no farther away than your fingertips.

It comes with its own cover to retain the water’s heat and keep out dirt, leaves, and other debris.

Packed with solid-state, energy-efficient equipment, Aura hot tubs feature thermostatically controlled heater that enable you to enjoy year-round use. And this Aura hot tub is ozone ready with an optional ozonator (which helps you reduce the amount of chemicals you put into the hot tub as well as destroy bacteria, algae, and more).

Best of all, Aura’s easy set-up means you’ll be enjoying the many features of your new hot tub as soon as the water is warm enough.


  • Color: Taupe
  • Jets: 29 therapy jets including two neck jets
  • Volume: 265 gallons
  • Seating/positions: 4/5
  • Dimensions: 77 x 77 x 34 inches (WxDxH)
  • Shipping weight: 450 pounds